Drinking with Friends: Harkness Edwards Vineyards

For those unaware we offer a diverse selection of libations here at Abettor Brewing. From 20 different beers, hard cider & seltzer, to a fully stocked bar including wine. That’s where drinking with friends comes into place. We exclusively carry wine from our friends over at Harkness Edwards Vineyards, another Clark County beverage producer.

Harkness Edwards III (Harkey), the namesake of the vineyard and his wife purchased a sixty acre farm in 1970. They began expanding the property to the 300 acres it is today, 20 of which produces the grape varietals they use to make their wine. The vineyard was launched in 2000 progressing to a operating vineyard and business in 2006. The vineyard continues to operate today with the help of their three daughters Kate, Beth and Nini.

The Peach House Tasting Room

Today they produce around a dozen different wines that are available to purchase at the vineyard located at 5199 Combs Ferry Rd, at retailers around the state and of course here in house at Abettor Brewing Company. We offer five wine selections from Harkness Edwards. Big Red, Taste The Sun, Fling, Danger and Kayla Webber Rose (Seasonally).

Big Red, Our Personal Favorite

Big Red’s color is matched by rich, fruity, semi-sweet flavors and a velvety smooth finish.

Taste The Sun, Vidal Blanc

Taste the Sun will remind you of summer, clean and crisp with a touch of citrus. Crafted from handpicked Vidal Blanc grapes.

Fling, Unoaked Chardonnay

Semi-Sweet Unoaked Chardonnay. Fling is not too sweet or too dry. It is a light white wine that is easy to drink. Great to give as a gift or take to a party as this delicious chardonnay appeals to a broad audience.

Danger, Our Top Seller

The bold Danger wine is daringly sweet and easy to drink. Its luscious rosé color is matched with a full berry flavor profile. Danger has deep structure and complexity making for a richly fruited blush wine with hints of cherry and strawberry. Best enjoyed as an aperitif or with lighter salads and other light dishes.

Views Over Appalachia

Drinking with friends is one of the nectars of life, and we love our friends over at Harkness Edwards Vineyard. Rather you visit the beautiful vineyard for a glass of wine paired with a beautiful view of Appalachia or you sip on a glass with us, there is only one question left; which one are you choosing?

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