Abettor Brewing Company

Bringing Clark County imaginative beers since 2019

Blue Eyed Blonde 5% 14 IBU
Blueberry Blonde
Balanced sweetness with a good, clean, blueberry finish.

Bog Of Allen 6.2% 26 IBU
Irish Extra Dry Stout
Smooth and balanced with subtle bitter notes with a subtle coffee finish.

Cerveza Complice 4.5% 14 IBU
Mexican Lager
Smooth and balanced, great with lime!

Dapple 6.6% 18 IBU
New England IPA
Complex blend of mild hoppyness and balanced pillowy body, not too bitter. 

Depot Street 6.8% 60 IBU
West Coast Imperial Pale Ale
Up-front bitterness rounded out by subtle sweetness, ending with a dry, resinous finish.

Eye Of Ruby Collab with Country Boy Brewing 5.6% 45 IBU
Red American Pale Ale
Malty and slightly hoppy.

Fanny Cole Floral Fields 6.9%
Hibiscus, Elderflower, Jasmine & Camomile Hard Apple Cider
Light and crisp with a subtle fruity finish.

Fanny Cole “Original Gangsta” 6.9% 0 IBU
Hard Apple Cider
English Style Dry Apple Cider

Fanny Cole If It’s The Peaches 6.9%
White Peach Hard Apple Cider
Light and crisp with a subtle fruity finish.

Fanny Cole “Prickle-Granat” 6.9% 0 IBU
Prickly Pear Pomegranate Hard Apple Cider
Light and crisp with a subtle fruity finish.

Festive Shenanigans 5% 8 IBU
Milkshake Cranberry Sour *Contains Lactose
Balanced sweetness and tartness and crisp with flavors of cranberry sauce.

Old Country 5% 0 IBU
Limoncello Hard Soda
Fresh country lemonade with crisp carbonation and a clean refreshing finish.

Olde Potomac 7.5% 46 IBU
Double American Pale Ale
Balanced but full flavored. Hops are forward, yet subdued due to sweeter malty back tones.

Opossum Detainment 6.4% 30 IBU
American Porter
Light coffee with a balance of malt sweetness, dry finish.

Rebel Hunter 10.2% 81 IBU
Imperial IPA
Robust hop bitterness of citrus and wood tones. Balanced with a very subtle malt sweetness on the finish.

Save a Horse, Rye’d A Cowboy 5.6% 35 IBU
Rye American Pale Ale
Balanced with a subdued spicy, rye flavor. Pleasant bitterness with a dry, crisp finish.

Sunset Heights 5.3% 24 IBU
Pale Ale with Ale-8-One
Smooth and balanced with subtle bitter notes and the flavor of the classic soda.

The Brown Dog Affair 4.2% 22 IBU
Brown Ale
Slight roast flavor and excellent balance of malt and hops.

Wee Bit Scottish 8.4% 40
Scottish Wee Heavy
Malt forward, medium bodied beer with a lingering alcohol finish.

Zero 5.5% 18 IBU
Irish Red Ale
Balanced between sweet maltiness and a crisp, lightly hopped finish.