Core People: Shanna Ratliff

We hired Shanna in August of 2020 making her our senior bartender here at Abettor Brewing. You may have noticed her around less and that’s not because we don’t want her around, but it’s because she recently went back to continue her education and has started a practicum in addition to working with us. Shanna has grown tremendously as an employee over the years she has been with us. We are proud to call her an employee but more importantly a friend. Shanna has been instrumental in the growth of Abettor and forming connections with our regulars. We sat down with her today and picked her brain a little. Without further ado, here is a little about one of our Core People: Shanna Ratliff.

Shanna and her fiancé Jason at the OG location on Lexington Avenue

TRM: What made you want to work at Abettor?
SR: I had been coming to Abettor basically since it had opened in 2019 over at the Lexington Avenue location. I had known John and Tyler prior to the brewery opening. I always enjoyed coming in and drinking craft beer. I really enjoyed the vibe and wanted to be apart of journey.

TRM: What are you favorite Abettor Beers?
SR: Of course, I really liked the beer I helped design, Bazooka Blast. (Shanna helped design a sour with black berry, raspberry and blueberry). Vanilla Brown Dog (Our Vanilla Brown Ale) and Sach Full of Peaches (Our peach sour fermented with saccharomyces yeast).

Shanna Getting Hands On In The Brewing Process at OG
Bazooka Blast: The Beer She Helped Design

TRM: What made you to decide to name your beer Bazooka Blast?

SR: I had a friend who lived in Germany, and he passed away a few years ago. He had given me the nickname Bazooka which I used for my gamertags. I thought it would be nice to name it in his honor.

TRM: Speaking of hobbies, what are yours?
SR: I am currently in grad school, so I don’t have a ton of free time. When I do find a moment to myself, I enjoy playing video games with my friends. I am currently playing in a RP server for Grand Theft Auto called Devise Role Play. Go check them out on FiveM, it’s a great community and we have a lot of fun.

TRM: What is your degree in & what are you working towards in grad school?
SR: I have a bachelor’s in social work (BSW) from Morehead State and I am currently working on my masters (MSW) at The University of Kentucky.  

From Left To Right: Tyler, John & Shanna at Legacy Grove’s Legacy Nights Concert Series

TRM: What is your favorite part of working at Abettor?
SR: I really love seeing and talking to all our regulars, they really make this job feel less like work and more like a second home. Meeting people from all over the world and talking with them is a lot of fun too. It’s been really cool to be apart of Abettor not only as it has grown in a business sense but also in the relationships this place has fostered and all the fun community events that I have gotten to be a part of. I love being able to joke around and have fun with my co-workers and supervisors, the banter really helps make my shifts more fun and go by faster!

Say hello to Shanna next time you see her behind the bar. She can often be seen having a beer with some friends around here during her limited free time. We love that our employees like working enough here that they come hang out off the clock. Cheers to Shanna!

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