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At Abettor over the past several years it seems like something is always changing. Sometimes it’s even hard to remember what we refer to as “OG” or 301 W Lexington Ave. 

The brewing system there was what many people referred to as “cute” and I won’t lie, that’s a perfect explanation. 

Maybe it was COVID or simply just the opening of a new brewing business, but the time between opening OG and the new location on Depot St (2019-2021) feels like decades — it wasn’t even two full years. 

Clearly Winchester and Clark County were significantly with the mission of Abettor, which allowed us to expand so quickly. 

Our 10 bbl system more than 10 timed our output and has allowed us to get our products throughout Central Kentucky, which brings awareness to our beautiful town and has increased tourism. 

The next step will be making it easier for you to enjoy Abettor beer in the comfort of your own home. 

For any brewery owner, canning is the goal. Trust me when I say that I can’t personally wait to grab a six pack of our beer and enjoy one, two, or maybe six on my own couch. 

Luckily we’ve made some great industry friends throughout the state and we reached that point a lot faster than we thought. 

If you’ve been inside the brewery in the past couple of months you may have noticed a new piece of equipment in the back. 

While it may have started West Sixth’s canning journey, then increased Ethereals output, it will now serve canned beer to Clark County and the surrounding area. 

As always, Clark County comes first. We want our product available to every local citizen first and foremost. 

You’ll be able to swing into the brewery and grab a six pack even easier than it is to order one of our 20 pints. 

In the first run we’ll be releasing our winter seasonal “Yellin’ Yeti”, our flagship IPA “Depot St.” and a crowd favorite “Pils Pils Pils”, our German pilsner. 

Out of the gate locally you can always swing into Abettor Brewing for six packs or build your own six pack. Additionally, you’ll be able to find our products at Gasoline Alley next to Walmart and Broadway Liquor. 

This is a wild journey! Plan to hear more from me in the future. Also, schedule a time to come by on Mondays for an in-person brewery tour from yours truly starting at 5 p.m. 

Cheers Ya’ll! 

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