Hope You’re Ready for 2024! 

Next year will be one to be remembered! 

While every year Abettor has been open has come with more output and exciting changes, 2024 will come with a lot of consistency and celebration. 

As we close out 2023 I can’t help but be excited for the year to come. For a journey that truly began almost a decade ago, this year we get to celebrate our first major milestone. 

Our birthday is April 12, but this year you’re going to need to put the whole week on your calendar — just block off all commitments for that week. 

Abettor. Turns. Five!

I know, I can’t believe it either. It’s wild how a brewery can age five years and you don’t age a single day. 

All jokes aside, it has been a wild five years for all of us. There have been a lot of changes locally and nationally and a lot for us to reflect on and be proud of. 

As a community our downtown and city has grown in such a positive way. I’m constantly bumping into people that want to move to our “quaint” little town because of all the opportunity here. Additionally, Abettor seems to always be welcoming new faces to the town that have moved from all over the country. 

Did anyone else get the memo concerning Winchester as a lifestyle destination? 

Since launching Abettor on Lexington Avenue with a brewhouse that would — with a lot of wishful thinking — produce close to 7 barrels every other week, now we encroach on 25-50 barrels every two weeks. 

We went from a business plan that was strictly focused on in-house sales, to one that distributes all over Central Kentucky and provides you with your favorite craft beer wherever you may roam. 

In the short five years we went from a footprint of roughly 1,400 square feet without parking to a warehouse more than 8,500 square feet with enough parking to supply a Christmas parade. 

And just at the final hour, when most companies were already on autopilot we went and kicked down another milestone by packaging our beers in cans. 

If you had asked me even three years ago if I thought we’d be here I would have probably said something along the lines of “maybe one day” to “it’s not in our immediate goals.” 

It’s funny how quickly changes can occur when you have the right people behind you. 

Abettor doesn’t just supply one of the greatest cities in Kentucky with amazing craft beer, but it also employs some of the greatest, most talented industry professionals in the state. 

It’s been a fun, wild ride thus far and we’re just getting started. I simply can not wait to see what the next five years has in store for our “cute little” brewery! 

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