HeartStrings SongWriters Circle

Sometimes songs seem to speak to us, worming their way into our heads and hearts in such a way that we feel them on a personal level.  Have you ever wondered what the lyricist was thinking or going through when they wrote that piece? Abettor Brewing company is proud to offer an in-depth conversation with talented up-coming musicians from across the state.

Host Trish Torline a musician herself was a local music education in Clark County.


Heartstrings Songwriters’ Circle brings the artist to our stage to share their story.  Hosted by local singer/songwriter and music educator, Trish Torline; each artist is encouraged to talk about their songs and discuss why they wrote it.  This is a wonderful opportunity to delve into the mindset of musicians. Join us every other Sunday from 6 to 7:30 pm and get to know your local musicians.  Feel free to check out some of their videos posted on Facebook at Heartstrings Songwriters’ Circle

Line up for September 25th.


All shows are free and open to the public as a method of familiarizing our community with the artists who find inspiration right here in beautiful Kentucky.  Tips are always appreciated by the artist as they travel from all over to share their music with us.  Our next show is scheduled for Sunday, September 25th

HeartStrings can be experienced the second and fourth Sunday of most months.

Find out more about HeartStrings or this weeks artist here!



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