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While our 10bbl system is actively being set up we are still operating on our 1.5bbl system over at the LexAve location. We can pump out about 200 gallons on that system (opposed to 1,500 on the 10bbl) roughly every two weeks. You folks have shown us that 100 gallons a week just isn’t enough to quench Winchester’s thirst!

The original work horse that has produced every ounce of Winchester brewed beer you have drank!

So what do we have cookin’ in the fermenters over at LexAve? Katy, who you have probably seen slingin’ beers behind our bar has been learning to brew. Her and Tyler will be kegging of some new and old favorites.

The next offering in our Fanny Cole brand of ciders will make an appearance as we release a blackberry variant.

The OG beer Sunset Heights (Formerly Pale8), an citrus ginger American Pale Ale brewed with Ale8One.

Zero, an Irish Red Ale named in memorial of Tyler’s late red lab.

Zero, the namesake of our Irish Red Ale.

Another OG comes back next week in the form of Blue Eyed Blonde, an American Blonde Ale fruited with blueberry.

Last and not least, No More Quarantine Lager will be joining the draft list. No More Quarantine Lager was originally named Quarantine Lager. When Tyler and I had a little too much time on our hands with the lock down we really focused on developing a lager (John’s Essential came out of that period too) and put it through rigorous hours of quality assurance testing!

The new larger 10bbl systems at Depot Street.

Finally, I’ve started a new venture today and kegged a variety of cocktails that should be ready later this week. I have previously kegged a sparkling sangria we called Big Red Remixed that featured local favorite Big Red from Harkness-Edwards Vineyard, just down the road from us here in Clark County. Today I kegged off draft variants of mimosas, margaritas and strawberry daiquiris. If all goes well and they are well received they may become a mainstay and gives me a chance to be a little more creative in the future!

A few of the options that Bell On Wheels will offer this Saturday for the CCFM grand opening!

Keeps those eyes open for some specials coming up this Saturday! Our friends over at the Clark County Famers Market opens for the season May 14th and runs 8:00am to Noon. We will be opening at 11:00am with beer, cider, bloody Mary’s and mimosas! Bell On Wheels, our house food truck, will be offering some amazing brunch options starting at 11:00am!

Brunch special from Bell On Wheels 5/14/2022

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