Them Lasses: A local Super Group

Them Lases pictured left to right: Brittany Samples, Erin Sliney & Abby Rank

Them Lasses, a trio of young women blending voices in perfect harmony, is playing this weekend in our taproom. These girls are casting their lassos and catching attention across Kentucky stages.  Kicking up the dust with old-time tunes carried on a fresh breeze and creating their own original songs, they are reinvigorating music with a style long lost and sorely missed.

Brittany’s music page can be visited here:

Come out to Abettor Brewing this Sunday, Oct. 2nd and expect to get roped in. Don’t worry, we have plenty of craft brews in our corral to quench your thirst. Including a few Oktoberfest season brews such as our Marzen, or Dog Days, our Hefeweizen and two fruited variants of the later.

Abby’s music page can be visited here:

If you were lucky enough to catch their short set at Oktoberfest last weekend then you know you will be in for a treat for a full set this Sunday 4:00-6:00!

Erin’s music page can be visited here:

Check out them lasses’ page here:

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