Pints & Paints Brunch: Ft. Jason Howard

This Saturday we are hosting another Pints & Paints Brunch with Pilot View Arts. Brunch will be available for purchase from Bell On Wheels 11:00-2:00 & we will have live music by Jason Howard of Rifletown 12:00-2:00. We sat down with Jason to see where his drive for music comes from.

Jason Howard Takes The Stage at Noon This Saturday.

TRM: Who first introduced you to music and was it at the moment that sparked passion or did it come later?

JH: I was first introduced to music by my parents, they always listened to stuff in the car when I was a kid. I spent a lot of time listening to Elvis and Creedence Clearwater Revival with my dad. Passion for music started at early age, like 5 years old when I got picked for a solo in the school play. I’ve always had this calling to entertain by performing songs.

TRM: If you could open for any act alive or dead who would it be?

I have always had a dream to open up for Jimmy Buffett. His audience is wild and I think they would like my originals and on stage personality.

Jason’s On Stage Energy Is Unmatched.

TRM: What kind of music would you be listening to at 15 and has that changed?

JH: At 15 I was in a musical transition going from listening to mostly Rap (Beastie Boys, Eazy E, LL Cool J, etc) to rock in The Beatles, Living Colour, Led Zeppelin.

TRM: What motivation is behind your song writing today?

JH: Motivation for song writing is basically life experience (Good and Bad) Most of my songs are about good memories and some are about getting past the stresses of life. In writing songs I just come up with a melody on the guitar and try to write words that fit the tone. Other times I take words (poems) and write the music to have it fit.

Left To Right: Jason Howard, Randon Uhrig & Colling Wallace, of Rifletown.

TRM: If you could in a different genre other than Rifletown what would you be doing?

JH: If I were to be in a different genre, I think it would be interesting to be in a band more like the Chili Peppers or Blink 182. Something really unique and crunchy sounding with cool rhythms and harmonies. In a way, I think Rifletown is already like that, just with more of a Kentucky influence. I’ve also always wanted to be a drummer, but I’m not that good on drums lol

This Class Sold Out But There Is Another Available November 26th 11:00-4:00

Between his million dollar smile, youthful charisma and love for life, Jason brings a bright and refreshing energy to the stage that would raise even the most begrudging snoozers’ awake for brunch.

While the painting portion of this event has sold out all are welcome to come out and enjoy food, drink and music. A second event has been added (Tickets can be purchased here) for those who want to explore their creative side.

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