Brett Noland Hits Abettor’s Stage Tonight

Brett Noland is an Americana/Country Folk singer/songwriter from the small town of Irvine Kentucky. Brett himself plays acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, and sings lead. When paired with singer Kellee Knox, lead guitarist Dustin Knox, bassist Trent Taylor, and drummer Tyler Woosley, they form The Brett Noland Band.

The Brett Noland Band

We sat down with front man Brett Noland to pick his brain on what makes this central Kentucky musician tick.

TRM: Who inspired you to make music?

BN: I really got inspired to create music after I started collecting vinyls as a kid, I was really influenced by classic rock records like Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, the Stones and the Beatles, but as I got older I started getting into the grunge stuff of the 90s and later on even the old country records I’d came across. I had been learning guitar since I was 10 but after constantly getting different vinyls from flea markets whenever I could and taking in the creative aspects of all these different bands and their writing styles.

TRM: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

BN: Definitely a tough question to answer, most time I feel like the music I create really doesn’t fit solely into one genre where I’ve been influenced by so much different music over my life. My writing style and the music I play is constantly changing depending on what I’m really into at the time, but overall I guess you could describe the music I make as singer-songwriter type music with some rock, alternative, and a little country and folk mixed in.

The Brett Noland Band at Sweet Land of Liberty Fest in Livingston, KY.

TRM: What is your creative process like?

BN: Honestly, it can differ from time to time, but most generally I can never just set down with the intention of writing a song and do it. It has to just hit me, and when it does I have to stop whatever I’m doing and write it down before it’s gone. My songs can range from things about personal experiences and emotions to songs wrote in a story telling sense. For the most part, what I consider to be my best work is songs that just come to me that I mostly finish in 10 or 15 minutes. For me those are the most real songs and can be inspired by hearing a phrase someone says that catches my attention or just needing to get something out and let it go.

The Band Caught In The Music

TRM: What is one message you would give to your fans?

BN: A message I would give to any fans I may have is that they are what keeps me going to constantly keep motivated with playing shows and creating/recording music. Of course, music is my life and I would write and play regardless if all I ever played to was my bedroom walls or to a thousand people, but when you play live and look out at the crowd.. many may not pay attention or even dig what you’re doing, but there’s always one person you can look out and see that you’ve made an impact on in some way with the music you’ve created, whether it’s brought up an old memory or helped them through something in someway- and that is the absolute best feeling in the world to know something you’ve felt and created has impacted or helped someone else in some way as well.

TRM: Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

BN: All the time! It can be anything from Black Sabbath or Zeppelin or Alice In Chains all the way to John Prine or Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash, music knows no genres good music is just good music!! Plus it’s always good to sing to everything you can and work on those harmony skills while no one is listening! Haha

Brett Noland and the gang are set to take the stage 7:00-10:00 at Abettor Brewing Company located at 128 North Highland Street, Winchester KY 40391.

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