Jenkins Twins To Take Abettor’s Stage

The Jenkins Twins are an Americana/Indie Country band from eastern Kentucky. Twin brothers Trenton and Trevor Jenkins share the stage. Their music is bonded in harmony like you would expect from twins, resonating with the sounds of family, stomp, slides and other sounds of Appalachia. We wanted to get a look on how their brains works before their gig this event at Abettor. Here’s what we found out!

The Twins Take The Stage Tonight Around 8:00

TRM: What originally got you into music?

TJT: Our dad is a musician and always had a guitar laying around. We grew up going to The Red Lick Bluegrass Festival and introduced us to roots and traditional music early on.

TRM: What inspired you to make music?

TJT: We listened to a little of everything at a young age. Brother harmony groups like The Everly’s and The Avett Bro’s sparked our interest in singing together.

TRM: How would you describe the music you typically make?

TJT:We like to call it something between Folk-rock and Country.

TRM: What is your creative process like?

TJT: We generally come up with ideas on our own terms and later bring them together to woodshed them. We sort of just come up with a line an go from there, and if it sticks, it sticks.

TRM: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

TJT: If we could jam/write/ learn from another musician it would probably be Mark Knopfler.

TRM: If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?

TJT: Opening for Lucinda Williams would be a dream.

Dennis Hutchinson Opens For The Twins at 7:00

TRM: What is one message you would give to your fans?

TJT: You don’t always have to be who you were.

TRM: What is your most useless talent?

TJT: We both have pretty high scores on Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

TRM: Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

TJT: We both usually sing Paul Simon in the shower, but not together of course!

Music kicks off at 7:00 with Dennis Hutchinson and the Twins will take the stage at 8:00. Bell On Wheels will be set up serving food 5:00-9:00!

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